The Importance of a Ming Tan or Bright Hall

March 16, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

Basic Feng Shui dictates the concept of a Ming Tan or a bright hall, essentially a large open space around the main entry point of the property. This concept can be stretched to the outer limit, as being a large open pool of water in front of a building, to the other extreme of being just a small space that is open, uncluttered and clear in front of your main door.

The idea is that the energy that enters your main door should not be “contaminated” or disturbed as it enters your main door.

In an ideal world, of course, one would love to look outside the main door and see an open expanse of garden or water, but let’s get real,.....

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How Feng Shui Works

March 16, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

I am constantly asked how Feng Shui works, and years of answering this question has made me arrive at the following explanation that satisfies most people.

We start with the assumption that the quality of our lives is determined by three factors:

  • Our destiny (also referred to as HEAVEN LUCK), which is determined by the time and place we are born, when the configuration of the stars and planets at that time leave their permanent imprint on the life-path of the new-born. We determine this by reading and interpreting a .....

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Are you Prosperous or just Rich?

March 16, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 1 comment

A while ago, I was at a party and as usual, one gentleman, whom I had met for the first time, asked me whether the building he lived in was lucky or not. Generally, I hate such conversations during my non-working hours but I humored him as I have especially strong views on this particular building.

I pointed out to him, that the people who lived in this particular building were not only wealthy, but also prosperous, and those who had moved out, continued being rich, but not necessarily prosperous....

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