When the money is good but health & relationships are not…

February 27, 2024 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

Towards the end of 2020 a client approached me with a whole set of problems,(not money though) and primarily the issues were health and relationship based.

A visit to the home and office building gave me the answers and I had to ask them to move out of both home and office. Something I hardly ever do. Their issues started when the made money initially, and built a new mansion, and got even worse, when years later, after building and moving into the new office tower, the husband suffered a terminal illness.

Moving out of their beautiful home, and building a new one from scratch was readily agreed upon once I was able to identify the underlying problems and the new house construction is under way, racing towards completion in Period 8 with Period 9 compliance.

But this is about the office.

Housed in a self owned tower that dominates the skyline of the city, moving out was a potential hornets nest but since I was able to clearly outline the issues they faced and relate them to the building, they were convinced easily, and readily agreed to move to another area.

The existing office building had three issues.

1.One was a curved blade sha that hit the sitting of the building that sat South East. With the 5 in the South East coming the next year, 3 months from the time of our meeting, we had precious little time.

2.The second issue was the central core that had the elevators and utilities and there was nothing we could do about it.

3.The third was the entrance in the North East, a Feng Shui nightmare, with even worse, massive bodies of water, courtesy an in-competent Vaastu consultant (God bless them though, for the amount of business their work gives us)

We met late in October 2020. The client asked what sense it made fixing the building they would be leaving and my response was as usual, you need to fix what you can to make the move easier.

I have to say they were extremely co-operative and working against time, they’ve reconstructed the facade of this 30 storey structure to make the entrance of the building move from North East, which is not only unacceptable  because it is Direct Spirit but also not good by 8 Mansions, being a Jue Ming door. Moving the entrance to the North sector made it an Indirect Spirit entrance, always good to have, and in 8 Mansions it was Sheng Qi, again great energy and the added bonus was that it effectively gives a 1-4 combination of Door (N-#1) to Sitting (SE #4).

They also managed to re-locate the access gates from the North West to the North, same benefits as above. They shut off all the offending water in the North West & North East. One has to hand it to the architects who pulled this off, translating Feng Shui requirements and producing a result that looked effortless and beautiful like it was meant to be this way.

We fixed each floor individually using various techniques as each unique situation warranted, using bare minimum Eight Mansions and Xuan King Da Gua as the dominant methods, then layering with other techniques. We also fixed the owner families personal homes.

Long story short, (and this is what happens when the Feng Shui is good), they acquired another building in another location slightly out of city limits. A month later some local law changed making it cost effective from the taxation point for their kind of businesses to relocate outside the city, and precisely in the area they had relocated to.

They would have had to move anyhow. They just did it sooner on my advice for Feng Shui reasons. After the new laws, the prices in the new location naturally shot up and they were at a distinct advantage as they had paid much less. So in that aspect something worked for them.

We are working hard on the relocation that’s almost complete now.

But destiny repeats and does not leave you, so they just acquired an additional and adjacent building that has, God help us, a central core. Just like the building they left. This time, however, the central core was massive, without the problem of elevators and staircases, and what was in the center was a beautiful atrium or what is known in Feng Shui terms and very desirable, an air well.

My sketch is poorly drawn but should give an idea because I cannot share the real plans obviously, but it gives you the picture.



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