Shedding clarity on the decision to transition to Period 9 (Beginner Level)

February 27, 2024 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

The recent transition to Period 9 prompts one to consider whether to change or retain your current flying star configuration. (assuming that such a “change” is actually possible, is another topic altogether. Given the recent shift, most of our properties are unlikely to be in Period 9. Unless you've moved into a property completed after February 4th, 2024, or your house is over 160 years old, your property will most likely fall under Flying Stars from Periods 1-8.

So, what defines an ideal Flying Star Chart?

  1. Basic Requirements:
  • Check where the Facing Star #9 is located in the chart, and its ability to be supported correctly, meaning is it in a palace that allows you to place water, the ideal way to activate a facing star, or can one use a prominent and active door in that sector. Primarily you should be receiving Qi from the palace that has the facing star #9. Following the principles of Direct & Indirect Spirit, these palaces ideally must be those that carry the LuoShu numbers, 1 (North), 2 (South West), 3 (East) and 4 (South East)
  • Check where the Mountain Star #9 resides in the chart, it should be in a similarly appropriate location. Following the same principles mentioned above, the reverse situation works for the sitting star. It is best located in the sitting position in the palaces of Luo Shu 6 North West), 7 (West), 8 (North East) & 9 (South )
  • Is the North palace correctly supported, meaning lower ground, open, water, active? This is critical since #1 is the Combination of 10 to the Period Star # 9. Correctly supported this will have a great effect on the financial aspect.
  • Is the South palace correctly supported, which means the ground should be higher in the South, no water present, and the sector relatively inactive and quiet. Correctly supported this will have a great effect on the health and well- being aspect.
  1. Check if you have the additional Support from #8 Stars: Similar principles apply to the Sitting & Facing 8 stars as for the #9 Stars. Star # 8 is a supporting star and in general is good in all periods, being one of the 3 White, which are Star #1, #6 & #8.
  2. Specific support from Sheng Qi Star #1:

Given the significance of Sheng Qi in Period 9, support for Sheng Qi Star #1 is essential for optimal results.

In Period 9, charts with well-supported #1, #8, & #9 stars thrive. It's imperative to ensure correct support for these there mountain stars, especially #9, regardless of palace positioning. Without proper support, a chart remains devoid of meaning and is just a collection of useless numbers.

Many charts exemplify this balance. I've curated examples and outlined activation methods. Rather than striving to transition to a Period 9 chart, focus on making your existing chart Period 9 compatible.

  1. D. Handling the #2 Star. As we inch closer to the latter half of Period 9, we will see that the Star # 2 is getting better and better. One needs to remember that the intrinsic quality of a star has to be kept in consideration, and the #2 is both a sickness star as well as an star that governs ones assets. I tend to agree that this will be seen more as a positive Sheng Qi star rather than as a negative star needing to be “cured”. I would treat it as a useful star and try to ensure that it resides in a palace and handled just like the 1, 8 & 9 are being handled.
  2. Selecting the ideal chart

To start with, it is worth noting that double sitting or double facing charts are suboptimal as they compromise activation potential. Instead of pursuing a Period #9 chart, concentrate on adapting your current chart for Period 9 compatibility.

  1. Can you actually change a Flying Star Chart?

There are several techniques that one can use, theoretically speaking, to change a chart, views & opinions differ, but in application, it may be a completely different story. These methods are not my opinion, simply sharing what we have been taught over the years.

  • Changing the roof and leaving it open to sky for 100 days before putting on a new one. Highly impractical, especially if you live in an apartment.
  • Tilting your main door to the new desired degree.
  • Keeping the property unoccupied for 100 days or more.
  • Building out or extending more than 1/3 of the property

All of these above methods are highly questionable, and unless a copious amount of renovation that involves extending, and involving the roof, I have not, in my extensive practice, seen any change with the first 3 methods.



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