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The Gua - a derivative of the Eight Mansions formula makes use of locations and directions that customizes itself according to your very own Gua number.

Your Gua number is very exact. It zeroes in on your date of birth each of the directions or locations brings in descending order. Depending on your Gua number, each of the direction or location brings a different kind of luck.

If your Gua is 1, 3, 4, 9 Your good directions are the East, North, South and Southeast.

If your Gua is 2, 6, 7, 8 you are a West person. Your good directions are the West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast.

Would you like to ascertain your Gua number? Want to know your good and bad directions? Do try out the Gua calculator and receive the information you want through the results.

Know More About Your Gua-Based Characteristics in General



Feng Shui and its related subject, Chinese Astrology, has a lot to say about a person just by using their YEAR of birth and gender as a reference point. Similar to western Astrology star signs, where you ask “are you a Libra?” in the Chinese context, you have a MING GUA. The only difference here is that the western astrologers' classifications are based on the 12 month cycle, we use the YEAR in 9 year loops.

You can be one of 8 Ming Guas, numbered 1-9, missing out 5. Once you have worked out which Gua you are, you will discover that you fit into a particular “type” of persona and that is your DNA. Most of your traits will be based on those characteristics, unless you have been trained otherwise or have personally worked upon suppressing those traits in you. The accuracy is very interesting.

Once you are done figuring out your personality, you can move to the Relationship finder to figure out your relationship with people based on both your Guas, as you have a pre-determined interaction that will be alarmingly accurate!

GUA - 1

Gua 1, Element - Water

A Gua 1 person will have all the qualities that are associated with water, therefore Gua 1 people tend to be willful, impatient and want to find the quickest way out. Like water, they chose the path of least resistance, focusing more on getting the job done rather than how.

Result oriented, wise and all-knowing, they tend to be good with gadgets and have the happy knack of figuring out stuff without requiring an instruction manual. Deep thinkers and brooders, they are more often than not, likely to have a bad temper, known only to those near and dear ones. To most people, they appear to be easy going and adjusting and have a very affable persona. Water people adapt easily therefore are perceived as friendly and accommodating and generally well liked by all. Water without a container is just a useless puddle but contained and properly directed can produce a surge of energy (think Hydro power), similarly, a Kan Gua person needs proper guidance and direction, though they may resist and resent it! Without that guidance, they can be, well, nothing! Sometimes hasty, they resent, but need guidance to optimize their potential.

Flabby bodies are common, especially the arms. No amount of gyms and workouts can help this. However, dark good looks compensate. If one were to use a single word to describe a Gua 1, it would be “free spirit”. Health related issues would be in the areas of kidneys and blood circulatory problems and urinary problems.

Likes people of Guas 1, 9, 6 & 7
Dislikes people of Guas 2,8, 3 & 4
I Can get the better of : 9
Can get the better of me 8
Favorable colors Blues, aquas, black and white.
Unfavourable colours Earth tones

GUA - 2

Gua 2, Element - Earth of the paddy fields

A Kun Gua or 2 person is multi faceted and can do many things at one time. He is a storehouse of information; he just “knows” and many times is unaware how he knows. He is independent and self-sufficient, never depending on anyone for anything. Always confident and secure, the Gua 2 person has a shrewd money sense, and can be money minded without really showing it outwardly. Real estate and property development is their forte and they have an uncanny business sense that is not taught, but inherent within.

A sunny nature masks a short temper and sometimes sharp tongue. Like the elephant, he never forgets a favor or an insult! Warm, compassionate and considerate, it is often hard to figure out what Lies behind the happy-go-lucky exterior.

Mother earth is the element of Kun Gua and a deep caring and nurturing instinct coupled with a strong resilience and tolerance level, make these people easily prosperous and successful. Basically down to earth, showing off is not one of his qualities.

A passion for food and a problem with a prominent belly which no gym will take care of, characterizes a Gua 2 who may be inclined towards stomach infections and digestive problems. Other health issues would tend to involve pancreas and skin.

Likes people of Guas 1,2,8,6
Dislikes people of Guas 3,4,7
I Can get the better of : 1
Can get the better of me 3
Favorable colors Earth tones.
Unfavourable colours Greens, black

GUA - 3

Gua 3, Element - Wood of the forest

A Zhen Gua is like the early heaven sign: Thunder. Everything about them is spontaneous, sudden and often noisy. Their presence in a room is noticed. Like the tree, they represent, they will give shelter and assistance to others while wetting themselves in the rain or burning in the sun while giving shade to others.

They are deeply competitive, but not openly so. Think of a tree in the forest, it fights for its own space, the roots reaching out for its nourishment in the soil, establishing its right. Have you ever seen a tree whose roots are growing through a wall that is how passiveaggressive they can be. They do what they have to do, but you will never notice till it is too late and the deed is done.

Like a tree that bends in the breeze, then comes back into position, his tolerance level is high, until the tree snaps, then there is not getting back. So once a friendship or alliance breaks, a Gua 3 does not have the capacity to forgive and make up. Over is over. A Gua 3 is dependent on those around him and needs help, which they may claim as their birthright.

Wood needs water to grow, burns to make fire, but also needs the fire of the sun to grow, uses the earth for support and also to grow, and needs metal to chop it so it can be burnt, so in effect can use all the elements one way or another. Similarly, a Gua 3 can make the best of any given situation and has the capacity to turn even a bad situation to good.

Prominent (read fat, sturdy, stocky) legs are common and a pre-disposition towards leg injury, Liver and gall bladder related ailments are common. “Heat” related diseases and a tendency to get fevers, as well as diseases related to the nerves are common.

Likes people of Guas 1,2,8
Dislikes people of Guas 6,7,9
I Can get the better of : 2,8
Can get the better of me 6,7,9
Favorable colors Greens, turquoise, blues, white.
Unfavourable colours Black, red, purple

GUA - 4

Gua 4, Element Wood of the flowers

A 4 or Xun Gua evokes images of beautiful flowers swaying in the breeze. Gentle, delicate and very flexible, you will find these people make their adaptability their strength. They are ready to adapt to any type of situation and will lean of whatever support they have to get to the top. Think of a creeper using a wall, a tree, a pole, whatever it finds, to grow on, so long as it gets to the sunlight.

Then think of the tree it is growing on, the creeper can also cover and choke the tree and overpower it, ever so gently, forgetting at one time it was its support structure. This feature allows them to move on, quietly and without much fuss. Gratitude may not be a strong point here, but whatever they do, they do it gracefully!

At the other end of the spectrum, they have a tendency to get carried away to an extent and therefore need to be wary of being sweet talked into something. Needy for water to grow, and sunlight to thrive, mother earth to anchor onto, they, like the Zhen Guas, look at all elements as something that can be useful.

Ladies, who are Gua 4, generally have the toughest of men falling at their feet in submission, who can argue with a beautiful lady, after all!

Expect a Xun Gua to have a good personality and beautiful hair. If health issues arise, they will be in the pelvic region. Liver ailment, colds and flu's and asthma and short breath are some of the likely tendencies of a Xun Gua person.

Likes people of Guas 1,2,3,4,6,8,9
Dislikes people of Guas 7
I Can get the better of : 8
Can get the better of me 7
Favorable colors Green, aqua, turquoise, white, blue.
Unfavourable colours Black and metallic shades

GUA - 6

Gua 6, Element - Heavy metal of the axe

Qian Gua or Gua 6 people are emperors, their behavior and demeanor is that of a king. They carry themselves with that attitude and expect all others to fall in with their ideas. Such people make good team leaders for the authority they command. They are firm in their beliefs and convictions and unshakeable and confident. In the extreme, they can tend towards being close-minded and unaccepting of others' viewpoint, a small disadvantage.

Good with money and investments they do well in jobs of position and power. On the other hand, they resent being criticized and tend to learn lessons the hard way. They sometimes need a jolt, before they understand the harsh realities of a situation. They tend to coast along, judging others as altruistic and upstanding as themselves, as they are generally unable to do the underhand or dishonest thing!

They automatically see the good side of people and trust easily. Not born for hardship, they excel in the art of delegation.

Health issues include headaches and brain and heart related problems. Coughs and dryness of the throat are also common.

Likes people of Guas 1,2,4,6,8
Dislikes people of Guas 7,9
I Can get the better of : 3,4
Can get the better of me 9
Favorable colors Metallic shades, black & white.
Unfavourable colours Red, orange, purple and earth tones

GUA - 7

Gua 7, Element - Gold

The easiest way to locate a Dui Gua or a 7 is to listen for them. They will be the most articulate and talkative ones around. They are good at expressing themselves and are happy and uninhibited individuals who love to laugh and have a good time. But under this light hearted exterior is a determined and focused person who is willful and determined in whatever they do. Do not allow the outward appearance to fool you, these are the people who work hard in the day and party hard at night.

Physical labour is not on their agenda as much as giving instructions is. As they are affable, they know how to get people motivated to carry out their bidding. They buckle under criticism that is not due and are quite sensitive to what others say.

Dressing up well and wearing and using expensive items of clothing and accessories, especially jewelry is their passion. You generally see them well groomed and well turned out, not a hair out of place.

Health issues are usually associated with the mouth and digestive tract and respiratory tract, but look out for Tuberculosis or lung related ailments and a pre- disposition to sexually transmitted diseases.

Likes people of Guas 2,3,8
Dislikes people of Guas 1,4,6,9
I Can get the better of : 4
Can get the better of me 9
Favorable colors Metallic shades, black & white.
Unfavourable colours Earth tones, red, orange, purple.

GUA - 8

Gua 8, Element - Earth of the mountains

Gen Guas are the strong silent types. Strong personalities making little noise, they speak only as much as required to make their point or less. Think Mountain, then think of the latent volcano within. Think strong silent power, these are mostly successful and rightly so. They are stable and unmoving. You go to them they don't, come to you. The saying “the mountain coming to Mohammed” was probably based on their type of persona.

No matter what they feel inside, you will always see a smiling affable exterior and many are fooled by this exterior façade. What they don't realize is that he can erupt at any given moment, although such occurrences are few and far between. Their ideas of what is right and wrong are a bit different from most others, they care little for rules and norms, but go by what they personally perceive is the right thing to do.

They command respect with ease, are rigid and unbending almost to a fault. They rely on nobody but themselves and need their space as they are comfortable being by themselves. They can be very helpful to others, provided it is to their convenience. A very good friend to have!

Health issues usually involve the spine, the bones and limbs.

Likes people of Guas 1,2,3,6
Dislikes people of Guas 4,7,9
I Can get the better of : 1
Can get the better of me 3 (but only a bit)
Favorable colors All earth tones.
Unfavourable colours Greens.

GUA - 9

Gua 9, Element Fire

Li Gua is fire, the all beautiful, purifying emotionally charged individual. Conscious of their looks and appearance these people are very passionate about everything they do. They go into everything with complete devotion, but have a short attention span, and that interest can either convert to an obsession or be completely forgotten, there are no in-betweens.

Expect complete loyalty from a Li Gua. Expect a perfectionist. Expect a needy child, a Li Gua son may find it hard to accept that his umbilical cord was cut at birth and may rely heavily on his mother even as an adult.

Li Guas will be the life of a party; they love attention and revel in it and will often resort to high drama to get attention. They are great company, have good intentions, but may not always follow through with their promises.

They are usually beautiful and looking good is important to them. They appreciate the good things in life and to them, what is luxury to others becomes a necessity! On the negative side, they may also veer towards emotional instability. Criticism knocks them out cold, they don't like it. They form opinions instantly and are sensitive to other people's opinions about themselves.

They are not insensitive, but are sometimes so self absorbed in their thoughts about themselves, they may lose track of others needs, in a way that may make them appear selfish and inconsiderate, which they are not. They don't like to hurt people. It is more like they are oblivious of others considerations and needs.

They may come across as hard and tough but inside are complete softies, always falling prey to a hard luck story! Health issues include eyes, heart (even emotional) and blood related afflictions like high cholesterol etc. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders occur more with Gua 9's than other Guas. In extreme cases they are also pre-disposed to strokes or paralysis.

Likes people of Guas 3,4,9
Dislikes people of Guas 1
I Can get the better of : 6,7,3,4
Can get the better of me 1
Favorable colors Red, orange, fuschia, purple .
Unfavourable colours Blue, white.