Support to Professionals

  1. The Just Say Yes Service: The backbone of our Support to Professionals, the Just Say Yes Service is exactly what it says: say yes to any project, even if at the time you think it is out of your depth, and we will support you from start to finish. Choose from our variety of Report formats of discuss with us how to create your own.
  2. Design Assistance & Branding: As a professional, you would like to maintain your identity as well as increase your visibility via branding. We assist by creating Calendar covers that are unique to you and your business, using your existing logo and colors or creating branding for you
  3. Professional Floor plans: We create AutoCAD drawings that are perfectly to scale and look crisp and clean, either an old plan that you have given us, or from measurements or hand drawn sketches that you have shared. These are made by our in-house draftsman and start at as little as $38. We will make an accurate professional looking plan for you.
  4. Ask Sherry: As a fellow professional, you may have some technical questions that you need answered, or take a second opinion to conform your thought process, or just sound them off someone to get a different perspective. You may need help with solving a particular case or advice on how to go about a certain project. Or you may get a project and simply do not know where to begin. Come to us. You can book a 45 minute session on Zoom & Ask Sherry whatever you want. There is no limit on the number of things/cases/questions as this is a time-based consult, but you would benefit by sending the information under discussion ahead of time, like BaZi charts or floor-plans so we don’t waste your precious minutes.