About Sherry

Sherry Merchant creates better lives with Chinese Metaphysics. Scheherazade or Sherry as she is also called, practiced Interior Design for the first 18 years of her working life. Along the way, she discovered a distinct pattern of change in the quality of peoples’ lives, once their premises had been renovated or they shifted into new premises, and wanted to find what this greater unseen influencing force was.

Curiosity got the better of her and she discovered that this was an actual study in many cultures, and finally tracked down various disciplines including Vaastu and Feng Shui.

She then, just by chance, came across a course being taught by Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and attended it and through him, her primary source of influence and learning, Joey Yap. This was in 2000 and it was a life changing experience for her. From this point on, her Interior Design business was handed over to her associates and she turned totally towards the study of Chinese Metaphysics and from this point on there was no looking back.

Sherry is qualified in many disciplines of Chinese Metaphysics, ranging from the Chinese Astrology method of BaZi to Feng Shui, Yi Jing and the more sophisticated Xuan Kong Da Gua and now Qi Men Dun Jia.

She is well known for her extensive knowledge base combined with a remarkable photographic memory and deeply intuitive judgement. She uses her academic knowledge along with these other factors, to make a complete educated assessment of her client’s issues. This spectacular combination has led to her recognition as a well-respected and internationally renowned Feng Shui consultant.

She has lent her expertise to residences, offices, factories, airlines, banks, property developments and schools. Her client base, though confidential, covers professionals, celebrities, powerful business barons and everyday people. She consults both in India and abroad and her practice has taken her to almost every continent in the world.

Working with architects forms a significant part of her practice, as she does not obstruct their plans with ridiculous demands, but merely aids the process and helps them to make it smoother. Having been an interior designer increases her knowledge and understanding of the business and being part of a family of property developers also gives her a good understanding of the rules and zoning laws required to give solutions that are compliant with the laws of the land and helps the smooth flow of events.

Since 2012, in an effort to share her professional and academic experiences, Sherry has been holding her own professional workshops to train students for a career in Chinese Metaphysics. She is a well sought out teacher and has taught in many countries and continues to do so regularly.

Most recently, she has created a concise suite of home study workshops available online where selected courses she has taught have been video graphed and presented as e-learning experiences.

A habitual blogger, she regularly shares her experiences on social media, bringing her fascinating Feng Shui world to her band of followers comprising of students, colleagues, friends and Feng Shui enthusiasts of all levels. She writes on travel, food and of course her first love, Feng Shui.

Sherry travels extensively, but never neglects her clients and students, hence has a team in place to assist you and connect you to her while she is away. This way, there is a seamless interaction with you, regardless which part of the world she is in, as she is regularly in touch with her office on a daily basis, even while away.


Our team consists of Sherry at the help, ably assisted by Senior Consultant Gouthamm, an experienced Feng Shui Consultant. In addition we have more people doing the back end support. Emmy will co-ordinate appointments and admin, while Hufrish will assist with reports, date selection and general queries. We are all available on one email: sherry@sherrymerchant.com, or on +91 22 22845457 during office hours 10 am - 6 pm (weekdays). This ensures that we are able to get back to you with our solutions to your queries in record time. Our turn around for consultations is generally immediate, meaning we can give you the solutions immediately or within 24 hours.

This also means that we can do consults while all of us are available online during working hours (Indian Standard Time  + 5.30 GMT) and many times even beyond. Typically, someone from our end will definitely respond to you within 8 hours at the longest, unless it's the weekend, then it may take a bit longer.