How Feng Shui Works

March 16, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

I am constantly asked how Feng Shui works and after years of answering this question I have come up with the following explanation that satisfies most people.

We start with the assumption that the quality of our lives is determined by three factors:

  • Our destiny (also referred to as HEAVEN LUCK) which is determined by the time and the place we are born in. The configuration of the stars and planets at that time leaves a permanent imprint on the life-path of every new-born. Our destiny can be determined by reading and interpreting a Bazi chart created taking the date and the time of birth of a newborn as the only inputs. Bazi is a form of Chinese Astrology chart and is used to determine the life path of an individual.
  • Our surroundings (also referred to as EARTH LUCK) which further determine the quality of our life. This include an individual’s homes, offices, second homes and any other properties that they may own, use or occupy. The effect of property on an individual is assessed using Feng Shui.
  • Our free will (also referred to as MAN LUCK). One cannot underestimate the consequences one’s actions and deeds have on their quality of life. Our Man Luck is determined by how hard we work and the QUALITY of efforts we put in.

Usually, our destiny spontaneously takes us to surroundings that fulfill our calling. Hence, if you are destined to go through a rough patch, you will select properties, rooms, sleeping positions which invite bad luck. The way we use our property also reflects our luck. A good consultant can rectify problems caused by incorrect usage of property by using her knowledge and skills.


The consultation would start with an assessment of the energy patterns of the property and what the effects of this pattern are. The data required for this assessment in most cases is a scale plan of the premises (dismiss anyone who does not ask you for a scale plan), birth dates and times of the individuals living on the premises and the date of completion and occupation of the property.

Events that are likely to take place in a property or in your life can be predicted using a variety of techniques like BaZi, or destiny reading, Xuan Kong Assessments, Qi Men Dun Jia and Yi Jing. We use this knowledge of destiny to tap into sectors of the property that may prove advantageous at the right time and avoid areas that might prove problematic at certain points of time.

Specific usage of rooms and directions, particularly with respect to the main door, stove, beds and bedrooms, can be suggested and precise angles can be marked and given to you.

You must bear in mind that there are cyclic shifts in the energy pattern on annual, monthly as well as daily basis, and the normal cyclic ups and downs are going to occur as usual. Suggestions by an expert enable you to take advantage of the ups and smoothen out the rough patches as and when they occur. Annual or even monthly reviews at times help the client to tide over a particularly trying time.

Before you shift, break or renovate, it is prudent to check with your Feng Shui consultant to ensure you are not violating any rules.

Finally, a Feng Shui consultant can also provide you dates that are considered auspicious for a particular purpose such as to begin the work, initiate the Feng Shui changes etc.


One cannot really change their destiny but with the correct usage of Feng Shui, one can expect to tide over obstacles caused by their environment and enhance the quality of their everyday life. Delays in completion of work, poor health, mood and temperament can easily be with the right use of Feng Shui. For more accurate results, you can ask for a BaZi or “Four Pillars” reading. This is the Chinese method of Astrology. You can use this information to take informed decisions.


Make sure that you follow all the suggestions given by the Feng Shui expert properly. Keep track of the events that take place after the Feng Shui changes have been made. This helps you evaluate, at the end of each month, if there is any tangible improvement or not. And, if there are any improvements them, in which areas. This will help your consultant understand how you are reacting to the various energy fields and give new suggestions based on your feedback.

Annual consultations are a must. Negotiate a deal for having consultations done on a regular basis. Most consultants would be happy to provide this service for you.

Above all, you must always remember that you can only benefit from the changes once you accept your destiny and work around it rather than aim for something that may not be in the scope of your fate.



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