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It's not very often that one gets to audit a 17th century fort. It's the actual home of my clients and I was called upon for a very specific problem. For reasons of securing the family's privacy, of course you will not see any pictures, nor will I mention any names.Just read my long story.

I was brought in by the Maharani in residence because her only son, born after many daughters was in danger as per their legend, that the son of every fourth generation dies, this was the fourth generation, so mamma was, understandably concerned. Also sons were in short supply in this family, so ever so often they had to adopt a son, from someone of the same clan's bloodline. Apparently the family was cursed, many moons ago, but that's another story.

The Feng Shui relevance hence this piece was not folk lore but the property land formations. For those who are Indian, no explanation needed, but for those who don't know about our local Feng Shui equivalent - Vaastu Shastra, there are very specific outlines for the selection of an ideal property.

While I am not at all conversant with the details of this subject, I do know some of the "Vaastu guidelines" that interfere constantly with the execution of my work. This was a "Vaastu-perfect" piece of land, hence the problem. The fort sits South. It faces north and there is a huge drop in the land in the north, table mountain present but very far away. Huge door mountain forms the total embrace starting east to south east to south to south west, oh yes, south west.  The entrance is in the East. So far, all good Feng Shui - wise. In fact, it should have been built upon the 90 degree pure east as per Vaastu requirements but the guys doing the line out during construction must have had a wild drinking bout the night before so they missed and it actually faces a very comfortable 88 degrees.

The problem; as per Vaastu norms, the south west has to be higher and the north east has to be lower, this has no time dimensions aspect, like in Feng Shui so during our periods 1-2- 3-4 and the first 10 years of period 5, this works beautifully! However, in periods 6-7- 8 & 9 and the last 10 years of period 5, it's not good, in fact can be disastrous in the San yuan context. And no, you don't have to break down and rebuild every 90 years, if from the San He perspective your land is good, but I am explaining why this happened. With San yuan you can see the issue or outcome just by looking at the land formations.

So the king, 400 years ago must have asked his minions to find him the best land from the Vaastu context and finally they came across this piece that was chosen and the fort was built, nestled into the southwest, built into a hill that practically hugs the fort to the top, so that the entire south west corner has no windows it's covered by the hill. It was like the hill was an inverted pudding and a quarter were sliced out and the fort fitted into it.

The north east is a deep crevice, going into the valley, and has a deep deep drop to a place you can't even see. So now, South West is Kun gua #2. Rules the mother, oldest woman, womb, uterus, reproduction, land, very important land, property, royalty income, long term investments.

Regardless of which period we are in, this is the most prominent land formation so we have to know from just looking at this aspect, that these above mentioned factors will be strong and influence your reading. Hence we have women always in power, so the mother in law rules. True. Then we have the family incredibly wealthy, that too is 2.

North East is Gen Gua # 8, governs the YOUNGEST SON and gen is mountain not low lying land. We are in period 8 and the conforming requirement for the land form in the north east is HIGHER land.

What happened?

When land in the south west is supposed to be low, (Period 6-7- 8-9) and it is so fiercely high, the women are going to be affected. Mother in law died of cancer. The maharani who asked me to come out there succumbed to cancer. Youngest daughter (li gua and house sits li or south) succumbed to cancer. Maharanis sister in law died of cancer. She lived there full time. The woman who married the widower is a cancer survivor (let's see for how long). The south west mountain is a reward mountain #3 and in Kun location, 2-3 not a good combination. Earth and wood clash.

Now for the mystery of the son, gen gua is the youngest son, so naturally his sector is not supported and four generations is approximately 90 years span, so that's how we are having this particular recurring issue. Every four generations, so precise. When the gen is supposed to be low, in those 90 years it's ok, there is no issue. In its bad form, the number 8 is supposed to hurt your young children. It took me all of 5 minutes to figure this out.  But how can I help, not to mention justify my fee for a full days Visit when my job is done so soon. So, settled around a fire in a beautiful garden, eating kebabs made from the mornings kill, i sit down to amuse them. We read their BaZi charts, and once we are done, they still want more. So, fresh from my first QiMen class, yet raw and not that experienced at it, at the time, I pull a QiMen chart. In all my hurting officer glory, I perform in from of my royal audience and among other things I told them there was land hidden that they knew nothing about (wu + delusion door in the south) yi and wu stems and my surging snake empowered intuition. What else can it be?

Collective Royalty defers the query to the court jesters, who are pretty sore because I did not do their Bazi readings, come on, there were a dozen of them, and I was sleepy.

The conversation that followed:

All the Kings men: "No, no, we have a complete record of our property since 1700. Nothing is hidden." (Me with gritted teeth thinking 'Hidden means you don't know, right? How hard is that to understand, bloody morons!') Me the commoner, assuming humility : "please just look." Them reluctantly to some flunky : "do a search. It's an order" 

Flunky: says ok. Expression says to hell with you, you crazy woman, making me sing for my supper. Also it's past sunset, hookah and nautanki girl time, like in the movies I guess. Not true. This is Kun dominated land, must be a feisty wife waiting at home with rolling pin.

Then I give my solutions: close this gate, open that gate, build something tall in the northeast so we block the pit to hell, re-locate the living quarters, move the cows so they give more milk (don't laugh, the 5 annual was in the cow shed, they were sick) I do what I usually do. Fix the ancient wood fire best I can, luckily water in the right place, all the hexagrams fall exactly as I wanted, they are not rulers by accident, well almost. Cannot try to tilt doors that are 30 feet high (10 meters) can I? Have to make do with what I have.

It was a xkdg compliant date so more minions are summoned and while we ate a dinner off an ancient porcelain dinner service hand painted with gold, a gift from Queen Victoria with the family crest custom painted by hand and solid silver cutlery and goblets, the changes I suggested were made.

Did I mention, I stayed with them, closest civilisation four hours by car, two days by bullock cart. Needless to say I opted out of the bullock cart option. So no hotel in sight. I spend the night clearly in terror of seeing the ghosts of the famed curse and was not helped by the snoring of the lady in waiting assigned to me was louder than a clap of thunder. (Relics of the British raj are still evident in the Royal households.)

Next morning, I hear shouting outside, so I leave my room to take a look and apparently in one of the rooms I had suggested the son be moved to, they had discovered an old chest. Key was naturally not found so they were trying to break it open. They opened the chest and believe it or not, found land records, that showed them land that belonged to them but they did not know of, in the south east. They were stunned, how can it happen so fast? Frankly even I was shocked beyond belief.

Me: with smirk on face to flunky from last night: "I told you." Cheeky bastard to me: "you pointed to the south, this was to the left." Mm mm he got me there. Me: (quick recovery) "which road do you take to get there?" Foolish-face; "from the south." BTW I was not entirely wrong, if I was you would never see me admit it, much less share it on Facebook. South 9 and south east 4, are hetu combo. One connects to the other.

However, a year later, they discovered that the land in the south also belonged to them. It was gifted by their ancestor to his concubines family but not on record, but the lazy court accountants or whoever looked after their property assumed it was official and forgot about it. The matter came to light when the last of the descendants died and the line ended with nobody to claim the property. Encroachers tried getting it in their possession and when they were asked to provide proof of ownership and they could not, they referred to ancient land records, and discovered it was still on their name in the original land records, so they got it in their possession eventually.

Regarding using this fort with dismal Feng Shui : I asked them to move out regardless and they did. The next generation will move back after extensive renovation of the fort to make it a hotel, in the middle of period 9. Meanwhile I have selected a perfect home for them with perfect forms in another location. Did I mention that they love me? They call me honorary Rani.



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