Why do you need a Feng Shui consultant?

March 17, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 1 comment

All of us got along fine before the current trend of hiring people to “look at” properties became fashionable. Despite being a Feng Shui practitioner, I often tell people that if most of the things in their life are going fine, let things be. Human beings have a fine way of balancing things instinctively and if one has found that balance, it’s great.

  • A move to a new premises after which things seem to have gone wrong: In my earlier career as an interior designer, I often dealt with those who had made it big and therefore were able to move to a new location, which was bigger and better or an office that was so successful that it outgrew its present space and moved to a larger place. Well, guess what? That move was not for the better, but for the worse. Why? The good luck of the previous property, which gave them the prosperity,was not carried forward to their new location.
  • A sudden turn of events that were not anticipated.

    Of course, the expectations should be reasonable, but if things were fine earlier and have suddenly gone wrong, you need help. If this is after you have started a renovation or moved your stuff, then you need a Feng Shui consultant even more.

  • Health issues, if they crop up all of a sudden, you need help
  • Inability to save money or you notice money coming in fast but leaving you faster, this can be corrected.
  • Loss of relationships and failure to retain friends, clients or staff. In a lighter vein, women who are unable to retain their maids often consult me!
  • Delay in whatever you want to do.
  • Legal issues, that did not exist earlier
  • Delay in whatever you want to do.
  • Problems with marriage, conception etc.
  • Purchase of new property. It is extremely important to check up if a recently acquired property will be good or bad for you, as more often than not, a new property brings with it its own energy that needs to be compatible with you.

If you are faced with such scenarios, you need help and advice.



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July 05, 2017

Even though I work hard. My career is in standstill and not at all recognized

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