Period 9 Change Or Not To Change (Advanced Level)

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I am regularly faced with so many questions (and panic) about the Period 9 that’s closing in on us, in the next 10 months, that I decided to put everyone’s mind at rest with this article.

The first misconception is that you need to “change your Flying Star Chart to a P9 one in order to receive Wang Qi or current Good luck. This cannot be further from the truth.

The combination of numbers that appear at your door have no meaning unless they are correctly supported.

To go back a little. The Flying star chart will not magically change if you tilt your door, especially of you live in an apartment or any type of shared accommodation like an apartment block.

What one needs to do is to work towards Period 9 COMPLIANCE, and that does not include changing the chart. Working with the chart you already have, this is what one needs to check, ensure, or activate.

I have stated this in order of convenience.

Support from the Forms for Sitting Stars 1, 8 & 9

First we Check: We need to have the areas which contain the sitting stars 1, 8 & 9 raised, or as we like to say, “higher ground”. Now this may not always be possible, it seldom is exactly like that. So in the worst case scenario, at least we should ensure that the South (9 in the Luoshu) in Period 9 is higher, and no water to violate the integrity of the Direct Spirit compliance that is required by that sector.

Then we Ensure & Activate:  This is best done by keeping the South sector quiet and Yin, undisturbed, as this is the correct way to activate a sitting star. No entrances, water or openings are preferred here.

Facing Stars 1,8 & 9

First we Check: The palaces that contain facing stars 1,8 & 9 should be open, preferably have a Ming Tan, are active, meaning there should be entrances, doors. The ground should be LOWER. Again, this is the best-case scenario and once again may not be possible.

Then we Ensure & Activate:  We do this by keeping these sectors active, bright, vibrant, moving & active which activates the facing star. Placing water in case the ground is not lower, and one cannot have an entranceway, is one way to “wake up” the facing stars.

However: We have not yet addressed the aspect of Direct and Indirect spirit, which means the good sitting stars should be in Yin palaces, and looking at the Luoshu, these would be NW (6), West (7), NE (8) and South (9) & the good facing stars should reside in North (1), SW (2), East (3) & SE (4).

This knocks so many of the so-called magic flying star combinations, out of the reckoning.

So, will changing your flying star chart to P9 be better? 

One of the worst Flying  Star charts are the P9 ones, simply because the facing & sitting 9’s appear together in the same palace, which effectively means that only one of the two can be active at a time, and you lose out from the benefit of the other.

So what does one do?

  1. Locate the SITTING stars 1, 8 & 9 in your flying star chart make sure those rooms are kept quiet so these stars remain activated. This is how you will get the benefit. If that is not possible, don’t worry. Keep the Yin palaces NW (6), West (7), NE (8) and South (9) that also helps.
  2. Locate the FACING stars 1, 8 & 9 in your flying star chart make sure those areas are active, open a door or use those entrances, keep water in these areas or activity like a printer, washer dryer if it is your home, something that is capable of stirring the qi basically. If that is not possible, ensure that the sectors North (1), SW (2), East (3) & SE (4) are active.


These are all the LuoShu sectors that are covered above, but there are some sectors that are more important than the others.

In order of importance:

  1. The South. This is the Wang Qi or current luck of P9 and is the all-important sector of the property. The South should not be missing from any property or it should not have lower ground or water, as this compromises the strength of the property totally. More than the flying star aspect, this is more important.

Even if present, the South sector should not be maimed, meaning there should be no sha-qi in the sector, like a tower, lamp post, dead tree trunk, broken building, broken or badly shaped mountain, sky-crack or similar issues. This again impacts the property negatively.

  1. The North: This is the combination of 10 to the Wang Qi, #1. It is also the Sheng Qi, or future good luck to P9. There should be water present here and the land must be lower, also most importantly having the ability to collect the Qi and allow the Qi to be directed into the house. Failing that, a door and water feature is desirable and helpful. Having the North missing again will render the property without any lifeblood or vibrancy.

Outside of the P9 aspect, regardless, South & North of ANY property should not be missing, even more so in P9. South brings among other things, passion while North contributes to intelligence, two factors once simply cannot do without.

  1. The South East: this is the HeTu combo to P9 (South), hence it is a very important sector and once can place water here as well. In fact, if it is not possible to activate the North for some reason, one can do well by activating the South-East instead. (Ming Tan, door, water)
  2. Your own Life Palace: The sector that is your home palace so if you are say a Gua 3, then the East should be present and untainted.
  3. The North West: suddenly gains importance because it is the HeTu combo to the Sheng Qi star (N) in P9. Let us take care of that as well.

Now you see, you can take care of the 1-8 & 9 in any chart, not necessarily in P9. To make things easier, I have used the P8 & P9 flying star charts (all 16 of them) to show, after following the above rules but not taking into consideration the forms, which are very relevant, where one can place water (in blue) and where it is best kept quiet (in red) to make life easier for you.

We always take care of the thee white stars, 1-6 & 8. In case you were wondering why 8 is not “past luck” in P9.

If you have the option always select a  Sheng or Wang palace to activate.

Now to complicate your life a little bit, let us throw in the Sheng & Wang layer so that you are able to see in the selected sectors, where the stars really will perform, and those are the superior charts. If you have any of those charts, that have the 1-9 & 8 in the Sheng & Wang palaces, these are the palaces that will do better than the others. Take care to retain such a chart rather than trying to change the period of your property. If you are not familiar with this aspect, you can just assume which sectors function at better efficiency. This system is based on the trigram sitting and are the same palaces for any period as this is based on the sitting of the house and not time related.

To make your life easy, we have colour coded all the charts:

A facing star shaded blue means it is safe or good to put water & have activity (Yang)

A sitting star shaded pink indicates good to use the room, & activate by keeping it calm (Yin)

A Base star shaded green, means that sector or palace is either Sheng or Wang, indicating that in this palace, all the stars will perform well, showing their true colors (you do know that in the 81 combinations we have two columns always that say Auspicious & Inauspicious, so this is the Auspicious version) 

Now if you are familiar with the hexagrams, you can be more Period 9 compliant by ensuring that your main door is facing a hexagram that is P 9 or has the Li trigram on the top of the hexagram. Both these aspects resonate well in Period 9. If you are in the situation where you can actually select a Xuan Kong Da Gua based structure, especially in  a new build, invoking a set up that has these hexagrams would be of a great help and improve the qi of the property. (In the Kun-Ren-Yi setup, we prefer the Greedy Wolf or Tan Lang Structure)

If you are unable to do any of the above, think of tilting your door to the closest Period 9 hexagram or a hexagram with the Li Trigram on the top. This relates to the door FACING degree. 

Cannot tilt the door? Place water in those hexagrams or activate with fire depending what works.

A template showing these hexagrams is shared, you can place it over your property by aligning the center & the north either digitally or by printing onto a transparent sheet, so the precise positions can be identified on your property. This works well with accurate & to scale plans, not with a rough sketch.

A tip: Please consider including Basic 8 Mansions as well, into your assessment as this is a very important part of a Feng Shui solution. Flying Stars alone are never enough. Additionally, you need to relate the stars to your personal Gua to add yet one more layer. For example, the Flying Star # 2 may cause hell for a Gua 1 but is money to a Gua 3 and so on, which means each Gua reacts differently to each of the stars, regardless of timeliness. So this is one more layer to look into. 

Then each Star has its own basic properties, a Star # 2 is a SICKNESS star, no doubt, but it is also a star that governs assets & property. All the other factors have to be seen in totality before you make a judgement that a palace or a star combination is bad or good, or past luck or good luck, without reviewing it in conjunction with the other layers.

Lastly, while a star combination may exist on a chart, that palace has to be present in the property, so when there are missing sectors, one has to know how to assign the various combinations to each palace, and what if there are less than 9 palaces (if you are using the grid method) then what happens to the missing combinations? For this reason alone, I always advocate using the pie.

Do take care of the Annual Shas like 5 yellow, Grand Duke, 3 Killing & Year Breaker when activating anything, that is common sense. Better to wait a year than activate in these sensitive sectors. Do not tilt a door for any reason if it is in a property that sits any of the above shars or is in one of these sectors.

Although this is originally about Flying Stars, let me re-assure you that there are several other methods to get your Feng Shui right, beyond a Flying Star Chart and if you are able to wean yourself away from the general “What’s the facing. What’s the chart” dilemma.

To know anything deeper, you would have to attend a class but this much information is more than enough to go on..



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