Huge Door Mountains

October 11, 2023 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

When you see something like this in the landforms you know it’s going to be a prosperous neighbourhood.

So what’s the good part? See the mountain in the distance? That is a Huge Door Mountain, and that classic shape denotes that you don’t really need to receive Qi from here to be benefitted, you ned to just be around to soak in the prosperity, sat on the mountain or visible to you is enough.

However, as in the case of this extremely expensive & prosperous hotel, the main entrance or Qi Mouth was in the SW, it had a pool in the North to coagulate the Qi from the ocean, and the whole building faced the East with the water of the ocean in the East, plus it was in a bay so the onslaught of the ocean, which can sometimes prove to be Sha Qi, was calmed down to an acceptable degree.

No doubt that the homes here are in the range of 15m and above, this is Laguna Beach, California.



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