Forms Kill First

February 27, 2024 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

This is an interesting, and so simple to understand, Case Study. It is a great example to demonstrate the much spoken about concept, “forms kill first

This very wealthy family made a lot of money in the software business, and the next logical move was to acquire a Mansion to show society that they had “arrived”. So they sought out this house with the help of a Vaastu consultant, in a very prestigious part of Dubai, and decorated it beautifully and expensively, I may add, and moved into this house 10 years ago. In the early years they did not notice but a couple of years in, they started to feel a decline in their fortunes,  and over a period of time slowly & systematically lost everything.

Ten years later, they had racked up tremendous debts and needed to sell this home to recover part of their losses and pay off their debts. Unfortunately not even one buyer has shown interest or even come to see the property since they put it on the market two years ago.

Their friend suggested that they consult me, and since my son was getting married at precisely the same time, I relied on my photographic memory of the neighbourhood and google maps to find a quick solution.

This inability to sell was very strange to me, because their property is located in a market I am very familiar with, a prestigious Gated Community in Dubai, where homes are being sold at top speed at outrageous prices, some sold even before they are officially in the market.

So I asked her to send me the layout plan & the date and time of birth for their BaZi details..

These aspects were visible just from google maps:

1.Shar Qi coming to North East from the gate that leads into the community, every single car that enters comes from here with the road straight creating a sharp “poison arrow” or Sha Qi at the house. In Period 8 that is not helpful, more so as the owner is a Gua 8, and the North East is the Natal Palace of Gua 8.

2.Main Door in Direct Spirit. The main door in the North East  is what I suspect the basis on which the house was selected, as it’s a Vaastu requirement, water in the North East  or lower ground at least. In Feng Shui however, Direct spirit (NE) should be a passive sector and not so active. It never works no matter what fabulous combination of flying stars you may have at the door.

I did not bother to check anything else or the internals and am sure there was a lot more of a mess inside, since they had Vaastu (Indian version of Feng Shui) approval that disregards Gua and gives generic directions, sometimes by just looking at where the sun rises to figure orientation, without even using a compass, (I swear I have witnessed that, no disrespect to the subject, just some lousy exponents) and since they were not living there, it was irrelevant.

In a hurry this is what I suggested. Do excuse the handmade sketch, it is for protecting the privacy of a client.

  1. A) Place Water in 1-4-7 (explanation below)

1 North

4 South East

7 West

These three numbers are connected and work in tandem to create “movement”

That particular  month we had the annual, monthly and LuoShu # 1-4-7 in each of these 3 palaces so it was a good time to move/sell/rent property, this is the super power of these numbers when they come together.

We asked her to place massive water containers in each of these 3 sectors. I sent her the amazon link for the correct size so no back and forth, gave her a date & time carefully chosen, told her the price at what it would sell (1 million short of her expectation) and for practical reasons asked her to place the containers (270 liters each) in the positions a night before, at the hour suggested start and filling them halfway so all the 3 fill in the two hour period that we selected, and can finish topping them up later. Yes it was a lot of water & would take a long time to fill with one hose and a lazy gardener.

  1. B) Lower her expectations on Price: I Told her to expect and close at a slightly lower price than what she hoped, using my system of numbers to determine the outcome.
  2. C) Change her agent

So what happened? I forgot to bill her, and because of the excitement of my sons wedding, I totally forgot about her. Two weeks later, she called, saying that after 2 years of nothing,  someone actually expressed interest a couple of days ago, and that a day before, she closed the deal at exactly the amount I had mentioned. Strange? No. Expected, that is what we do, all in a day’s work. In our world 2 plus 2 adds up to 4, very predictably.

While I am trying hard to be modest, it’s hard not to feel smug when stuff like this happens.

Taking a look at the owners BaZi, it was relevant that the owner had entered a heaven & earth clash to their month pillar at the time of buying this house. The absolute worst kind of clash is to the month, it is never just the house, it is always the 3 kinds of luck that come together to create a kind of outcome: the BaZi (heaven) and house (earth) combine to make a bad decision (man)



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