Feng Shui visit turns into something totally unexpected as was the Case

February 27, 2024 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

Sometimes a proposed Feng Shui visit turns into something totally unexpected as was the case I am about to discuss.

In my recent trip to the USA, this was by far the most unexpectedly fascinating case I covered and has a really unusual outcome.

As usual, I cannot discuss names, locations or any personal details so you will have to manage with a hand drawn tracing as your reference.

The issue: Both father & son have found it hard to move on after the loss of their wife/mother, who died a decade ago of cancer.

The property: A condo located in a North sitting building, with the main building entrance facing the south, a huge Ming Tan in the South, but the condo main door is in the North.

The clients are two males, father & son both Gua 9.

What’s baffling: Son, who has the issue, (no partner, depressed & could do better at work) sleeps in the SE room, Sheng Qi if one looks at the house 8 Mansions, which in a N sitting house is pretty good, basic 1-4 combo (door and room) good for relationship but no girlfriend in sight. Head in E 2, also his personal Sheng Qi direction.

Father also seems “stuck”, not happy. Wants the son to move out, but he won’t, on some pretext or another.

Sleeps head to W3, yes in the plan appears W2 but the house is in a curved building not visible here, so the wall is W3. I checked & re-checked. His personal Tian Yi using advanced 8 Mansions Na Jia formula. Location in the SW sector of the house. No issue here, but room not the best 8 mansions, granted.

Kitchen in the West. (Issue#1) and the stove sits West in both the small & big ta-chi plus faces the East 2 which Is great for both the father & son.

My observations:

  1. As I walked in, I was greeted by a very strange, stale, odd smell. I could not identify if it was food, but no, it was not that.
  2. The compass needle was spinning like a top, would not settle for several minutes. Finally, it calmed down. I had to use my own methods to achieve that. Another story for another day, that one. And was able to get the readings that were in line with the GPS, and yes, I had to double check.
  3. Feng Shui seemed okay and not indicative of what they described as their issues.
  4. They spent loads of time on the SW located dining room. The dad was in the SW bedroom.
  5. The stove sat on West. There seemed to be a terribly strong female influence but not a female in sight, not even a female cat or dog, so?
  6. The mother’s influence was everywhere, her clothes and personal effects as though she was still in residence and alive. I opened the Qi men chart for that hour. That was it. Not a Feng Shui problem after all. Her soul was still stuck and had not moved on.

Now I have seen this a couple of times earlier, once in the previous month as well, so it came to me quickly. The solution was simple.

Get a spiritual person from your own culture/faith/religion to free the spirit. In India, we call it Aatma Shanti Puja, a ritual to give the soul peace.

Anyhow, I still gave the Xuan Kong da Gua activations as I felt fit for the situation and did what I had to do, feeling pretty useless for once.

Soon, I got a message saying they had “bumped into an Indian priest” who agreed to do this puja.

Long Story short, last night I got a message saying, they found a new house for the dad to move into, while the son would live in the family home. The puja seemed to have worked well, things were better now and the energy had lifted and improved. Apparently the priest said it was a hard job, and even getting rid of her personal effects was a challenge (don’t know the exact detail) Also during the puja, a water activation burst and flooded the house, making the dad really upset feeling that he was disturbing the soul who did not want to leave. He has settled down now.

So how many of you believe this can happen, or have experienced this sort of thing? Do share your experiences



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