Ask Sherry

As a fellow professional, you may sometimes need one of these following services:

  • To answer some technical questions that you have,
  • Need a second opinion
  • Do a peer review to confirm your thought process,
  • Sound off your evaluations to someone professional just to get a different perspective.
  • Help with solving a particular case
  • Advice on how to go about a certain project.
  • You may have a project and simply do not know where to begin.
  • If that is the case, come to us. You can book a 45 minute session on Zoom & Ask Sherry whatever you want. There is no limit on the number of things/cases/questions as this is a time-based consult, but you would benefit by sending the information under discussion ahead of time, like BaZi charts or floor-plans so we don’t waste your precious minutes.

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