Flying Star Super Bundle

A selection of short courses related to flying stars looked at in a Dynamic fashion taught by Sherry Merchant. You get pdf workbooks, and video recordings accessible for life or as long as the cloud exists. Get 2 versions of Life palace, not taught anywhere else, and most interesting way to look at a person's relationship to their property a flying star chart, a complete flying star formal course that ran for 2 days in las vegas last year, a 2020 Calendar for professional use that you will find invaluable, and a set of templates for each of the 8 house sittings, with all possible information you need to do a consult, 8 mansion auspicious & inauspicious sectors, Qimen annual deities and stars, Sheng & Wang for flying star use, annual shas, 4 nobles, all at a glance to make your DIY consult super easy. Regular prices over 700$, this week, while the lockdown is still there, Just 188$. Unbelievable but true.

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