Bull's Eye Series- Case Studies Online version

Date:- Saturday 23 June 2018

Overview:  This is a full day spent in putting together all the various techniques one could possibly use in solving any case. This is because each case is unique and defined by many parameters, the speed of the remedy required by the specific situation, or the limitations involved and so on.

A seasoned practitioner has to be quick and sharp enough to be able to take a call and implement the best solution. Blending methods for the best outcome, and knowing what has to be attended to and what can be ignored is a skill that can only be taught with real life examples.

Course Description: This is a class wholly devoted to case studies. We will select a few cases from the class and a few of the ones that Sherry has taken from her own repertoire that she feels would be best to demonstrate an overall approach and which have been part of her success stories, to see HOW ITS REALLY DONE!

Students will learn how to approach a case, with a step-by-step approach that keeps you safe from missing out anything important. They will learn how to cover all bases and get super results with their clients.

Importance:  Qi Men Dun Jia may be applied to business, crime-solving, marriages and matchmaking, medical divination, Feng Shui,military affairs, finding missing people, travel, personal fortune divination etc.  Accurately read a QM chart to answer on the spot queries to gauge “what's happening” and ”will it or wont it”, all those type of queries, which are best answered by a Qi men chart.                             


Collections: Home Study

Type: Home Study

Vendor: Sherry Merchant

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