Bull's Eye Series- BaZi - Four Pillars of Destiny Online version


Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June 2018


Basic - Intermediate


Ability to read your own BaZi chart by Day 2


BaZi is a deep & intense study which can pretty much answer any question regarding a person’s destiny. Our simple and practical approach takes you right to the center of a problem and teaches you how to approach the chart to answer specific questions without a fuss.

Course Description

•Stems & Branches, the basis of all Chinese Metaphysics

•Elemental interactions between the 10 elements

•Relationships between the stems & branches

•10 Gods

•Learning how to zero in on specific issues accurately and swiftly.

•De-Coding a BaZi chart in 10 easy steps.  And MORE !!!

•12 animal signs

•Clashes, Harms, Punishments & Destruction

•5 Elements

•Useful God

•Strength of the chart

Ability to read a BaZi chart.


Bazi is required before one embarks on any Metaphysical path. It makes your understanding of the subject much simpler and without the knowledge you could be at a slight disadvantage. Call it empowerment or enhancement of your skill-set, be it in Qi Men, XKDG or even plain and simple Feng Shui. It gives your reading more depth. This is one class you should not be without.

A BaZi reading helps you to understand what is on your plate, what destiny has in store for you so you can go with the flow and work on your strengths rather than pursue your weaknesses.


All the relationships & interactions have been captured in user-friendly charts that have been prepared by the Instructor for her own professional use, which means you always have all the information at hand, so you can refer to it, and cuts short your time for assessment.


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