Xuan Kong Da Gua - Clarity & Expertise

Instructor: Sherry Merchant

Host: Marlyna Los

Takes place in Beautiful Vancouver Canada 20 – 25 September 2016. Our venue is located right on the beach and Qi mouth of the West End in downtown Vancouver.

A few words from the host, Marlyna Los:
“Since using Xuan Kong Da Gua in the last three years of my Feng Shui practice and personal life, I have tripled my income, shifted positively important personal relationships and lost 50 lbs. Using the hexagrams and structures of XKDG along with my previous Feng Shui knowledge has been the most powerful, fast and life changing methods I have come across. Ask any advanced Feng Shui practitioner who uses XKDG and they will tell you the same. ” Marlyna Los

About the Instructor:
Sherry Merchant – is one of the warmest and kind instructors I know. She has nearly 30 years of training and practice under her belt with the worlds most famous and successful Masters. I have personally studied with her for 3 years. She brings a clarity and hands on practical approach that is refreshing and unique. She is known and loved for not only her knowledge, experience and pragmatic, no nonsense approach, but also her humour and sense of fun. Her teachings are based on real life experience. She is a world wide sought after consultant.

About the Host:
Marlyna Los – 20 years of expertise and counting. I did not set out in life to become a Feng Shui expert. I studied Feng Shui initially as a way to understand and improve my own life. The life I live today exceeds my dreams. It is my vision and mission to empower and help people live better and easier lives using the concepts, philosophy and principles of Chinese Metaphysics.

4 big reasons why you should attend Xuan Kong Da Gua Mastery – Vancouver
1. Create your destiny - Choose what energy you want to bring into your life and how to use the XKDG structures with date selection to activate.
2. Transform the lives of others – Apply the knowledge and applications of XKDG to enhance the lives of clients and family.
3. Learn how to use “Kun, Ren, Yi” . Kun, Ren, Yi is the formula of "money". When used correctly with the right landforms, it always brings you big money.
4. This class is indepth & includes live site visits, studying the forms and taking you through the actual steps of a consultation.

What is Xuan Kong Da Gua?
Xuan Kong (pronounced "Shu-en Kong") is the "mother" of the renowned Flying Stars Feng Shui system. It is a sophisticated branch of Feng Shui, complete with formula that combine Hexagrams, Bazi and San He techniques. The study of Xuan Kong encompasses numerology, symbology and science of the Ba Gua along with the mathematics of time.

New advanced class content and Syllabus – Never taught before Syllabus to include -
Theory, principles and hands on application of Xuan Kong Da Gua
A) 64 Hexagrams
Xuan Kong Da Gua Mastery Vancouver Workshop – 6 days that will change & transform your life
1)In-depth look at how to read and use the hexagrams.
2) Family Structures.
B) Date Selection
1) Integral to the use of XKDG; How to choose a good day and hour combining building structure, with BaZi and XKDG parameters.

XKDG is a really intense topic but we will teach it in a simple and straightforward style. You will get all the tools that you may require and at the end of the workshop will have all the information on how to efficiently fix any property from one single room to a housing estate using the principles of XKDG. XKDG is the mainstay of all Feng Shui solutions that are targeted and precise.
You will learn how to marry this system with other method to make your result super successful. We have done all the heavy lifting for you, so all you do is to fit and forget.
Charts and templates – which we will provide you with - make the complete process idiot-proof, and you will be able to understand the topic completely. Once again you will be taught to use the check-list that is given, ensuring that you are covered and the outcome is perfect.

Xuan Kong Da Gua coupled with Date Selection is the most effective solutions in the Metaphysics field.

In order to attend our workshops you do not need any additional materials. We will provide you with the key information that will enable you to proceed with and focus on the case studies analysis directly. In fact, regardless of whether you are a novice or a pro, once you register you will receive a prep manual and reading material to prepare your for the class. Let us know your level so that we can send you prep material if required so you do not feel lost in class.


the workshops will take place in beautiful Vancouver. Our hotel is located steps away from Second Beach and the world famous Stanley Park right in the heart of Vancouver. http://www.bestwesternsandshotelvancouver.com/ We have secured a limited number of rooms at the amazing price of $89 Canadian a night.

10-17. Lunch is not included.


MATERIALS: In class, you will be provided with an amazing textbook, charts, templates (in color) etc. as may be required. Upon Registration and payment of at least 25% deposit, precourse material will be shared with you.

Contact Person: Marlyna 604 339 887
Payment details and how you can pay easily are on the Registration form.
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