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    C.C. Lee
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    Kathleen Hovrath
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    George Sanchez
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    Rose Carnell
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    Janet Louie
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    Germaine P.S.
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    You Chou Chhay
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  • “Dearest Sherry, It’s been my greatest pleasure meeting you and your sister and feel very fortunate to be taking this wonderful class with you. I admire your knowledge and wisdom. Wish you lived closer. Miss you already. Lots of love.”

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    Terry & Kathleen
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    Sunil M
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    Amy Theisen
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    Sita Shapiro
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    Anita Rasonberg
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    Tommi Cox Phipps.
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    Terry McBride
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    Jagruti Bhikha
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    Margaret Chong
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    Joan Vega
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    Connie Sanchez
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    You Chou Chhay
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    Sarah Goldflust
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    Dr. Milanovich
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    Taj Khan
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    Brian von den Berg
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    Ratti Bhandari
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    Snow + White |Snezana|
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    Myrna Kelley
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    Bhavesh Joshi
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    Lozan Phang
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    Preet Kahlan
  • “It was a great workshop!”

    Sri Mulyadi
  • “To have meet together to do discussion after the class completed. To pay part of course fee and come back for revision. If there is a class on.”

    Palson Seow
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