Support to Professionals

Ask Sherry:

As a fellow professional, you may sometimes need one of these following services:

  • To answer some technical questions that you have,
  • Need a second opinion
  • Do a peer review to confirm your thought process,
  • Sound off your evaluations to someone professional just to get a different perspective.
  • Help with solving a particular case
  • Advice on how to go about a certain project.
  • You may have a project and simply do not know where to begin.
  • If that is the case, come to us. You can book a 45 minute session on Zoom & Ask Sherry whatever you want. There is no limit on the number of things/cases/questions as this is a time-based consult, but you would benefit by sending the information under discussion ahead of time, like BaZi charts or floor-plans so we don’t waste your precious minutes.

Design Assistance & Branding:

As a professional, you would like to maintain your identity as well as increase your visibility via branding. We assist by creating branding that is unique to you and your business, using your existing logo and colours or creating new branding for you.

This would then be used on everything, your Report templates, Calendars, 24 mountain and annual templates, whatever you need it for, you can extend it to your website should you desire to do that as well.

Professional Floor plans:

We create AutoCAD drawings that are perfectly to scale and look crisp and clean, either from an old plan that you have given us, or from measurements or hand drawn sketches that you have shared. These are made by our in-house draftsman and start at as little as $38. We will make an accurate professional looking plan for you.

The Just Say Yes Service:

The backbone of our Support to Professionals, the Just Say Yes Service is exactly what it says: say yes to any project, even if at the time you think it is out of your depth, and we will support you from start to finish.

What You Need To Do:

You need to collect the information from the and add it into the form provided. Their date of birth, floor plans, the GPS location and a few phots and we are good to go. If you do not have a floor plan, you could make a sketch by hand, giving the dimensions of each room, and opt for our service which makes Professional Floor plans, in AutoCad as scale plans are essential for a perfect result.

What We Do:

We initially gather your information (name, business name, contact details) and create a Report Template that is uniquely yours, either based upon your existing website Logo and design, or if you do not have one, our design team will create one for you from scratch. You would need to opt for our Design Assistance & Branding Service for the one time only

We will then share the template with you and you can edit the content to make it sound more like you in your style and language, or you can retain our original format. It can be translated to any language, for the first time. Then we use the same template for all your future reports. Nobody needs to know we are ghost making them for you.

We then make a beautiful professional report for your client suggesting and explaining all the changes required. Once you approve it, or request some changes and revisions, we will send you the final report in a printable formal that can be shared electronically by email or WhatsApp.

You get to choose what pages you keep and what you would like to omit. Some Consultants like exhaustive reports while others prefer their instructions in a simple list and one page for showing everything.

The report will contain our working drawings which will allow you to understand what we have done and serve as a learning experience.

The basic JSY does not involve any discussion, and we go with one or maximum two revisions.

The Just Say Yes Service - PRO

The Pro version involves upto 3 revisions and includes discussions of a reasonable duration with Sherry over the phone, or Zoom, or email/WhatsApp.

We also provide additional pages as per your specific request in this version.