Have you ever lived in a house, or office, and felt that somehow you didn’t belong there? You may have owned it, bought it with your hard-earned money and decorated it lovingly and beautifully, but end of the day, you simply do not like spending time there?


It can happen and the cause is really easy to identify. It is possibly because your LIFE PALACE AREA is missing in the house! LIFE PALACE AREA missing? What kind of weird statement is that?


Part I

Let us take a step back and understand this a little. There are two factors on needs to consider, to begin this assessment:

1. Most houses are not exactly square and usually have some part missing from a perfect square or rectangle. Place the attached template over your property and see what that part is.

2. Identify what Gua you are, and see where YOUR LIFE PALACE is located in the house. Each Gua is associated with one of the 8 sectors of the house. If your sector is missing, it means that your connection to the house energy is somewhat disconnected.

This does not mean you can’t live there, and there could be many explanations for that. Maybe you travel a lot, or have a sense of disconnect from the house, or in short you have no affinity to that place.

In the opposite scenario, your personal sector could be extended, which means you are overly connected to that property, and do not like to leave, or that you command the premises in a way. Do check how your house relates to your energy.

Part II

Here we will see how the missing sector relates to each person in the family apart from just the Gua Number. If you are following Missing Sectors, then this is the next part.

There are several layers to this assessment and we will discuss them one by one. Each sector, apart from being related to a particular Gua Number, also relates to a family member. Now if a particular sector, say North West for example, is missing, it can also indicate that the Eldest Male or father, in that house, is a bit weak, not present, or out of place. Again, if that sector is excessively strong, or extended, it means that family member is particularly powerful.

This is the list of which sector accounts for each family member. Each of us can belong to different sectors based on various aspects, you could be born a Gua 1, so your home sector is North, but you could also be the oldest son, hence have affinity to the East, or be a dad and have a connection in that role, to the North West. You have to be flexible to get additional layers of meaning.

Part III

Apart from the Gua Number & the family member, each sector holds a basic energy. This is added again to the template for you to add to your assessment, and now it gets interesting. These factors, if missing or extended, account for the quality of those specific attributes. For example, with the SW sector missing, the aspects of “Stability, nurturing, assets, property luck, fertility” would be weekend somewhat

Apply this to your property and see how that resonates with reality. If any of this resonates with you, you may want to get more perspective and even more exciting details. In that case, do explore this course, on sale for just this week and get your questions answered.