Xuan Kong Da Gua Clarity & Expertise

This Xuan Kong Da Gua - Clarity & Expertise  Course is the Most Complete Course you will ever have access to. It includes the A-Z of XKDG, with the explanation of everything, from theory to implementation. The topics include:

  • The Basics
  • Understanding the Hexagrams
  • Various arrangements of Hexagrams
  • Before we go inside lets look outside
  • Connection Factors
  • Out Of Gua
  • The Structures
  • One Gua Structure
  • HeTu structure
  • Parent Gua Structures
  • HeTu Combination with Period Luck Numbers
  • Kindred structures 
  • Kun Ren Yi structures
  • 7 Star Robbery
  • Get set Go Application
  • Date Selection
  • Reference Calendar
  • 64 Hexagrams 

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