Property Selection

Choosing the right property from the outset can prevent future complications. Every property carries its unique set of energy influences that impact the lives of its owners and occupants. Ensuring compatibility with the owner's goals and the property's intended use, whether residential, commercial, or for investment, is our expertise.

While an in-person assessment is ideal, today's advanced technology allows us to provide insights even without a physical visit. To offer our expert opinion, we require the following accurate information:

  1. GPS location of the property.
  2. An accurate floor plan or plot boundary with one direction clearly marked.
  3. A few photographs of the property.

Once we receive this information, we can proceed with a full assessment. A simple online Yes or No consultation is available for $88, providing you with initial guidance on your property selection journey. Make an informed decision right from the start! ūüŹ°‚ú® #PropertySelection #FengShuiWisdom #GuidanceFromAf¬†

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