Annual Feng Shui Report - Repeat

Get an annual assessment of your premises to enhance the auspicious & negate the inauspicious annual effects, to make your year better than ever.

However carefully one may have done the Feng Shui of a property, one still has to account for annual changes that recur with predictable regularity which in turn have an effect on the occupants of the house.

There are annual occurring energies that move from one area to another from year to year in a foreseeable pattern that we need  to be aware of, and be prepared to maximise benefits by using the good, are reduce problems by avoiding the bad, which is easily done if you are prepared in advance.

Additionally, there are always annually “sensitive” areas of any property where negative energy is prevalent, or triggered off if one were to carry out repairs and any breaking there. Knowing this in advance helps us to plan our renovations safely.

If we have done your Feng Shui assessment earlier, a Repeat Annual Consult can be handled easily, over email.

Book your clients annual reports in advance, it is a great way to keep your clients constantly engaged, not to mention a recurring source of income.

What the Report Contains

The basic report we provide contains the following pages, one can add or subtract or provide all the information on one page only, that is up to you.

1.Auspicious sectors based upon the 8 Mansions theory

2.Annual Stars & if requested the Flying Stars

3.Annual Shars clearly marked where one should NOT repair or renovate (5 Yellow, Three Killings, Grand Duke & Year Breaker)

4.Activations that we carefully calculate ofter considering the property layout, which are based on XKDG + Annual Positive Stars + Nobleman Sectors

5.Dates to Activate and detailed instructions how to go about it.

6.If it’s a home, bed, stoves & desk placement trying to maintain the existing layouts & avoiding any awkwardness of unnecessary angles.

7.If it is an office we consider the important team members locations & directions.

We provide these reports with our branding or your branding, whatever you choose.

Share your house or any property plan in this form below, making sure to mark the stove, beds & doors used. Photos (not videos) are always helpful too. If you can share the degrees taken with a compass, that is also useful, if not we can retrieve the directions from your postal address. The names, gender & date of birth of the occupants and any special requirements are also useful



Format: Digital

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