Bull's Eye Series- Xuan Kong Da Gua

Date:- Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21th June 2018

Level: Application of Xuan Kong Da Gua method


  • 64 Hexagrams and their relevance & meaning
  • XKDG Structures & their specific uses and applications
  • Death & emptiness & its relevance in XKDG
  • Out of Gua and its relevance in XKDG
  • Connecting the hexagrams to people and the environment to obtain maximum results.
  • Solutions & methods of implementing XKDG enhancements in practical & real life situations.

•    Preparing a final professional report to submit to a client using the above information

Course Description

We will work directly on plans and you will be taught how to take accurate readings and the practical issues of taking varying physical readings and reconciling differing results in a professional Manner. You will be taught how to quickly decide which formulae or set-ups to apply based on the land formations and the requirements of the client’s BaZi and use the various aspects together to get quick results to any situation. This will be layered upon the matter taught on Day 1 to day 4 and also will include Date Selection.Time permitting, we will cover some Life Palace techniques as well.

Importance: XKDG is the most sophisticated and targeted method to fix any property with simple techniques like fire & water placements. Results are quick once you know how and what to do. The Date selection as the Bonus helps your future refine your problem-solving skills.                     


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