Professional Metaphysics Calendar 2024

This is our traditional Pro - Calendar that no Metaphysics Practitioner, Exponent or Student can do without. It has all the possible date-related information one could possibly need for an audit, in one place plus tons of useful material we have added, to make your assessments a breeze.

The list of the power packed contents that you see at a glance per day are:

Annual & Monthly Flying Stars that appear in the Central Palace

Location of the Chief. Heaven, Life Door & Harmony from QMDJ month chart

The 24 Seasons names with starting Date & time

Chinese month beginning & ending.

The Gregorian Date

The Day Pillar (Jia Zi) in Pin Yin & English

28 Constellations

12 Day Officer

Dong Gong Rating 

The Month & Days hexagram, Image & English name

The daily flying star of the central palace

The monthly Flying Star Chart

Xuan Kong # & Period Luck # of the days Hexagram

XKDG Kun Ren Yi Structure for the day

Yellow & Black Belt

QMDG Structure # for the Hour Charts

Location of QMDJ 9 Heaven Deity for the Day

Location of QMDJ Life Door for the Day

Location of QMDJ Chief Deity for the Day

Phoenix Day

Unicorn Day 

Y-B (Year Breaker)

Y- 3K (Year 3 Killings)

M-B (Month Breaker)

M-3K (Month 3 Killings)

Superior Day

Spiritual Day

Sky Happiness

Do not visit the sick Day

No Surgery Days

Heavenly Pardon Day

Extinct Day

Separating Day

Solar & Lunar eclipse with UTC Date and Time

    Additionally, there are several pages of very useful explanations of
    • The 28 Constellations, and what their uses are
    • Do’s & Don’ts for 12 Day Officers and what their uses are
    • The Great Sun Formula Dates for all the 24 Mountains directions based on the property Facing.
    • Salt cure & Activation explanations

    Plus you get all these freebies thrown in to simplify your life

    • Ready Reckoner which is a booklet that tells you haw each of the 8 sectors are to be used and what stars, auxiliary stars & shars etc, lie in each. they are arranged as per the 8 Guas & help you to find the best locations and directions for each Gua
    • Period 8 & 9 Complete Flying Stars
    • Our Basic Annual Template 2024  to place over your plans that can at a glance tell you what annual influences come into each sector.


    Format: Digital, instant single download, printable format.

    We are so confident you will love it, that as a special gift, you can enjoy the last 3 months of 2023 on us. Download the October – December 2023 version for free right now. 

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