Personalised Calendars 12 for the Price of 10

This unique calendar is based on an individual’s date & time of birth. Sherry personally studies your BaZi in the overall context as well as your luck pillars and the annual luck, then figures the dates that work for you in the specific areas of health, wealth, relationship, power and fame and education, based on her evaluation. If you have any specific concerns, do let us know and they will be factored in while creating your Personalised calendar.

This is a great tool for one to be able to plan a year of activity well in advance. A totally addictive product, if you have never used it before, it’s time to start now.

Price: 98 USD for 1

Deal:   980 USD for 12 (usually $ 1056, save 166 USD)

(you can book them now and provide your orders over the next few months)

This includes the free addition of your logo & branding on each calendar

You need to place the order now, and can consume the 12 any time before 2 February 2025

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