Templates for 2024 Set of 8

Available for immediate download, simply print these onto a transparent sheet, and lay over your floor plans, or use the digital image to overlay over the  floorplans on your computer. The templates come as high resolution transparent images in .png format. 

If you would like to customise the templates with your branding or logo, email us on sherry@sherrymerchant.com with your logo and the name desired, and we will get it to you in a week’s time. In the meantime, you can use the same templates with our logo. There is a small upcharge if 38$ for this service.

If you have used our templates before, it’s a no-brainer and we recommend that you re-order now. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of our professional templates, do yourself a favour and order a set. You will be delighted because they are easy to use and save you time. So addictive.

How to Use:

Use them digitally to overlay on your plan in power point or any format that you are used to, it’s a transparent .png file, or print onto clear film and laminate to get a long lasting physical copy.

Simply place the template over your floor plan by aligning the floor plan centre marked clearly with a cross, and align the north on the template to the north on your plan.

Everything you need to know for the year is right in front of you. It will save you from having to make repeated individual calculations for each project. For those who get stuck on how to begin an assessment, this is a reliable and trusted tool for your practice. A great place to begin.

Format: Digital, single download, Printable format

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