Personalised Calendar 2023


To keep coming back to us to ask for dates continuously may not be so convenient, so we offer a personalised calendar that you can use for the next 12 months, so that you can plan your life perfectly.

Based on your date and time of birth, we will carefully work out all the dates based on several different aspects and methods and come to a balanced conclusion and summary.

These dates will then be placed on a calendar, that you can print yourself or we can print and send you by post. (ask for a quotation of shipping charges and we will let you know once you provide us your address)

In this calendar, we will give you all the dates that are good for you and bad for you with specifics like “relationships” or “wealth” and so on. All this at a glance will make life so easy for you.

The calendar will have the person’s name on it. Irrespective when you place the order, you will receive the following years 12 months (Jan - Dec 2017) and the few month left in 2016, free from our side.

It is a good idea to get one of for yourself or make super and very unusual gifts for birthdays or Christmas (perfect timing)

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This unique calendar is created using an individual’s date & time of birth. Sherry personally studies your BaZi in the overall context as well as considering your luck pillars and the annual luck, then figures the dates that work for you based on her observations in the specific areas of 







Any specific concerns can be factored in while making your personalized calendar. We also pick something which we call “special days” which are days that work uniquely for you based on the balances that need to achieved in your chart.

If you are a QMDJ follower, the Divine Light, Divine Blessing & Divine force days are also included. These are specially powerful days where you back a certain direction and make specific asks or requests to the universe, and these wishes are generally granted.

All these are marked on a month at a glance calendar which we suggest  you print and place on you desktop, or save as a digital file on your phone or any device.

This is a great tool for one to be able to plan a year of activity well in advance. A totally addictive product, if you have never used it before, it’s time to start now.

Makes a great present for the festival season, lasts all year round and no calories!

Order 10 and get 12. USD 880

Plus get the free addition of your logo & branding on each calendar

You need to place the order now, and can consume the 12 any time before 2 February 2024

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