Master Template set of 8 for 2020

Its my ongoing attempt to raise the bar in my personal practice, and I constantly need to upgrade my style and manner of working. Getting busier by the day its important for me to find ways to make my life easier and my process for producing a client report as quick and efficient and accurate as possible. My team and I are constantly inventing user-friendly tools that can be used by even our non Feng Shui compliant team members.

I try my best to reduce the back and forth between reference documents, so my team & I come up with shortcuts all the time. I feel that my fellow practitioners would hugely benefit from my latest offering. These are a set of templates that we have made that incorporate all of the things we need to know at a glance.

I have made a set of 8 templates, one for each house sitting. It has all the stuff you need to reference in one place, so that once the template is placed on the plan, you can weigh all your options right in front of you.

Apart from the usual

  • 24 mountains, in Chinese & Pin Yin,
  • The 24 mountain direction marked in English,
  • The 8 Mansions 8 types of Qi, with the Auspicious sectors in Red font,

We have added in so much more:

  • The Sheng & Wang of each sector based upon sitting,
  • The Annual Flying Stars,
  • Where you can place water based on the principles of Direct & Indirect Spirit, the Indirect Spirit locations have been marked with blue font, for a heads up when placing any cures or activations,
  • The Qi Men 8 Deity locations for the year,
  • The Qi Men 8 Doors locations for the Year,
  • The 4 Nobles,
  • The Annual 5 Yellow, Year Breaker, Grand Duke and 3 Killings marked as a reminder not to use/activate

All of these are like a Mini DIY system to do a Feng Shui audit, all by yourself. Its almost like a Feng Shui lesson. Even if you are not sure of something, just place the template and start working.

But the best part of all is that this template comes in a digital format that you can use in Word or Power Point over your scanned plans. Most of you have watched me do this in class, with my 64 hexagram template, and would know what I am talking about.

Alternately, you can print these images onto clear film in full color, and laminate them and place them physically over the plans. I have one set in each of my Luo pans, to use as a ready reference anytime I need to.

The cherry on the icing is that little babies will be customized to your liking, we can add your name, company logo, make the template base in your logo colors and don't worry, if you don’t have a logo as yet, we will make one for you, its on us.

This way, you can make your presentation to your clients with your logo and name, and it looks super professional.

Since half the year is almost upon us and we do need to consider the next year when giving suggestions (for example, don’t move a stove to face East in 2020 as year is the 5 Yellow in East. 

Order your set now for an unbelievable price of USD 68. Place your order here and email us the name you wish to add on your template and any artwork or logo you would like to include, on after you place the order.

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