Feng Shui Audit Templates 2023 Set of 8

If you have used our templates before, it’s a no-brainer and we recommend that you re-order now. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of our professional templates, do yourself a favour and order a set. You will be delighted because they are easy to use and save you time. And terribly addictive.

What it contains:
•The basic 24 mountains, of course in clear and bold, easy to see colour.
•Annual Flying Stars
•The 24 Mountain Chinese Characters, and the names in English Pin-Yin Plus the characters are colour coded as per their element.
•Direct & indirect Spirit. The 24 Mountain names (Like SW1 SW2 and so on,) are clearly indicated in blue where it is safe to place water following the Direct & indirect Spirit Rules.
•The Annual Auspicious Sectors Fortune Virtue, Duke Virtue Combo, Yin Nobleman, Yang Nobleman, Sun Virtue, Moon Virtue, & Dragon Virtue have all been clearly marked for your convenience.
•The Annual Inauspicious Sectors Five Yellows, Three Killings, Grand Duke & year Breaker sectors have been marked for your convenience.
•The Annual Auspicious Sectors are included to make it simpler for you, and the added layer of including the element of that Qi, by way of colour coding makes it even better.
•QMDJ layer: The annual location of the Qi Men Dun Jia Door, Deities, Stars & hexagramare added for those who follow QMDJ.
•Sheng & Wang sectors based on the house sitting
•The Great Sun formula is added in so that one knows which dates to start renovation in case you have no choice but to renovate the forbidden areas.

What you get:
You get 8 digital templates, one for each of the 8 directions, that are marked with all the positive and negative energies for the year, so you can be alert when designing a space or making your annual reports. They come in an easy to use format in a PowerPoint format, so you can copy the required image and paste wherever you like. We have shared it as a transparent image for your convenience.

How to Use:
Use them digitally to overlay on your plan in PowerPoint or any format that you are used to. Simply copy the required template and paste it over your floor plan by aligning the floor plan centre to the template centre, aligning the North on both template & floorplan.
Alternately, you can print the file directly onto clear film and laminate each slide to get a long lasting physical copy.
Now everything you need to know for the year is right in front of you. It will save you from having to make repeated individual calculations for each project. For those who get stuck on how to begin an assessment, this is a reliable and trusted tool for your practice. A great place to begin.

Format: Digital, single download, Printable format

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