2020 Professional Metaphysics Calendar

Includes All The Important Dates And Aspects Of Date Selection That Would Usually Take You Hours To Gather From Various Sources .

At a single glance, you can take a look at ONE SINGLE DAY BOX, and select a perfect date for any activity. I like to call it my Date Selection Buddy. It is in digital format so you can save it anywhere, so one can access it anywhere without requiring wifi.
This is the list, and short explanations for them all:
1. 5 Yellows: We have shaded the annual and monthly 5 yellows on each month’s page, to jog your memory.
2. Year Breaker (Y-B): Though we are SUPPOSED to remember the year branch (Rat) and also it’s adversary, (in this case the Horse), one tends to forget.
3. Month Breaker (M-B): Though we all know that all Destruction days are Month Breakers anyway, the Month Breakers are all marked with, as a reminder
4. Yearly 3 Killings (Y-3K):
5. Monthly 3 Killings (M-3K): Three Killing days are generally inauspicious to start anything new, or to embark on travel, or have medical procedures.
6. Phoenix Day: Useful to defend a court case or any legal issue, or to mitigate or dissolve disputes.
7. Unicorn Day: Useful to defend a court case or any legal issue, or to mitigate or dissolve disputes.
8. Superior Day: These days are generally good; if you do not know date selection, play safe by selecting such a date.
9. Spiritual Day: Useful for any kind of spiritual, metaphysical, meditation related practice or activity.
10. No Wealth Days: As it says, on these dates, it is hard to create any wealth related outcomes.
11. Great Sun Formula: To commence renovation in the areas where it is not recommended, but say you have NO choice, we have selected these dates in order to make it simple for you, and the dates are based on the facing of your house, we have 24 such lists, one for each of the 24 mountain directions. Make sure all other parameters of date selection and met before the dates are SCREENED and selected, for example, don't use a date that clashes with anyone in the house, or make sure these are not problematic from any other aspect like unsuitable due to 12 day officers and so on.
12. 12 Months Flying Stars at a glance: All on one page is always useful, we have added that this year.
1. The Gregorian Date, naturally!
2. BaZi Day Pillar in English & Chinese character.
3. Dong Gong Rating depicted with Red Stars & crosses.
4. Daily Flying Star Central palace value.
5. Qi Men aspects:
· Palace where the Chief Deity resides for that day
· Palace where the 9 Heaven resides for that day
· Palace where the Life Door resides for that day all useful to find 3 Victory palace dates.
· The QMDJ Structure # & Dun to locate the hour charts for the day
6. XKDG aspects:
· Day structure for KRY formula
· Daily hexagram
· XK Period Luck & Xuan Kong # for the day.
7. 12 Day Officer
8. 28 Constellation
1. Year and Month Flying Stars
2. Monthly Chief, Life Door, 9 Heaven location
3. Start of month day & hour


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