2020 Personalised Calendar

 Our Personalized calendar is a unique product and we learn on the job, by discovering what we need, by paying attention to other clients requirements & so on. In the past month we have been discovering these needs and have modified the existing calendar with several value additions.

Everyone’s needs are different. We filter the whole years dates and offer you dates marked for specific uses, your own most powerful days, the days you shouldn’t do anything, days that help you to establish relationships, create wealth, aid your health & encourage study along with full explanations.
Now we have added these aspects:
  • Travel dates based on your skyhorse,
  • Nobleman days that we find are very very powerful, having used them ourselves,
  • 3 Victory Palace dates
  • Dates for medical procedures
All this is compiled in a neat desktop calendar for you to print and display, or since the format is digital, one could save on the phone or tablet/ipad or computer.
Our basic version takes into account only the day branch as a reference point but one could select more options involving the year, month and hour to consider the combinations, clashes and harms.
It is a good idea to place your orders well in advance since we have a huge demand for these at the end of the year and we don’t want to disappoint you.



Please provide us the Following Details 
Full Name : 
Date of birth: DD / MM /YYYY ( eg- 1 July 1968 ) Please  mention month in words 
Time of Birth : HH/MM  am / pm 

Gender : Male  / Female 

mail to:  sherry@sherrymerchant.com  

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