2019 Professional Metaphysics Calendar

This is a totally revolutionary product not available anywhere, is a Metaphysics Professionals dream come true. It was created initially last year for our own professional use in our office, as we were finding it awkward (and annoying) to continuously refer back and forth from Qi Men calendar to Tong Shu and so on. Here you will find

  • Gregorian date
  • Chinese Jia Zi with Pin Yin translation
  • 12 Day officers in English
  • XKDG Hexagrams with the Xuan Kong Number & Period Luck number for each day
  • The hexagrams English name
  • 28 Constellations
  • Xuan Kong Da Gua structure for the day
  • Qi Men Chart number
  • Annual, Monthly & Daily location of the Chief, 9 Heaven & Life Door (to locate 3 Victory Palace)
  • Annual, Monthly & Daily Flying Stars
  • Dong Gong Rating

At the end will be the explanation for the 12 day Officers & the 28 constellations, an explanation on how to use the calendar, just in case you are confused.


Format PDF

Collections: Home Study

Type: Home Study

Vendor: Sherry Merchant

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