Land at Vapi

March 29, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

On a recent visit to an uninspiring industrial area close to the Gujrat-Maharashtra border, my escort insisted that I have breakfast before we proceeded to the site that I was assessing that day.

Vapi is a prosperous area and many have taken advantage of the Tax benefits by setting up their industries in that region. I go there often enough and am aware that most of the locals have a healthy respect for food and therefore know where to eat.

The place I was taken to was really inconvenient to reach, we had to get off the highway and take a u turn onto the service road breaking several traffic rules in the process, not to mention that my heart was in my mouth seeing what chances the driver was taking to avoid the highway traffic.

This had better be worth the time and effort, I thought.

Hidden from view, was a place called “Dairy Land”. A steep staircase took us to a farm, off the highway, around 10 feet lower and the crowd was unimaginably huge.

It took me a minute to figure out why this was the only structure for miles around and why it did so well.

My several trips to China screamed out two things: one being it was in front of a huge door mountain, then the only huge door mountain on miles of open highway and there, directly in front was this “Dairy Land”. The other was the steep staircase, rendered into an asset by being divided into three landings, loosely translated as “three harmony three divide”

This meant that the entire flight of steps was punctuated by three ming tans, that slowed down the qi and converted a potential shar qi into a positive feature.

Like my Master Joey Yap says, you only need ONE strong feature to make or break a site and here were two!


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