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Drive off the famous Colaba Causeway into Mandlik Road and you see a huge rush, parking is a nightmare, but you just don’t turn back. Why? Because there is so much to do in this one by-lane, tourists just can’t get enough nor can the locals.

Whether its Avi’s Golden Boutique where you can get an Armani look alike suit tailored at a fraction of the price in 12 hours or the immensely popular Value-For-Money Cotton World , the hordes of people beckon you beyond, to the revolutionary “Café Indigo”

The buzz cannot be explained but finding a table post 9 pm is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. The who’s who of Mumbai just has to see and be seen here.

Why? Is it the décor? (cement finished walls and uninspiring remnants of the Raj chairs?) The food (menu almost the same ever since I can remember?) Okay, the décor is unconventional and works for the setup. The food is fabulous, but the element that I see works for it is the Ming Tan.

You have a little pathway through a strip of garden before you enter the space. Even there, the entrance within has an open expanse, which is the internal Ming Tan.(see the image)

The other thing going for it is water that is in the South East which absolutely supports the catering trade and it especially works as there is a big body of water OUTSIDE, the sea and in-between, the pool of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, all pulling the South East qi inside.

As a comparison, look at the next building, it houses the awesome little eatery “Busaba” which has an amazing menu. Everything about this place is great, but sadly, no Ming Tan, so not that great business! Also, while the entry FACES South West, it is wrongly located in the West sector so that is not much help either. Lets hope the currently planned renovation works for them!



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