Case Study Blossom Juice Centre at Ghatkopar

March 29, 2016 by Scheherazade Merchant | 1 comment

A while ago, my husband and I, along with some friend, went to a prosperous suburb of Mumbai, Ghatkopar. It was a Sunday and we were visiting a friend who had recently bought a house there. By the time we had finished, it was well past lunch-time and we were feeling a bit hungry. On our way home, we stopped at a place highly recommended by our friend, for fruit juice and sandwiches.

What we saw, at around 4 pm, was a simple stall, not even a proper building, just like a large hawker style establishment selling innovative combinations of fresh fruit juice and sandwiches with unique fillings.

It took them only 10 minutes to fill our order and by the time my exotic plum-pear-peach juice had arrived, at least a dozen cars had driven past picking up parcels. The seating, consisting of plastic stackable chairs hurriedly put out for us, started filling up and one of our group, a regular at this place said by 5 pm, there would be a serpentine queue all the way across the road, and there would be no place to stand in front of the stall.

Naturally, I had to figure out why. A few seconds to take in the forms, and then out came my luo-pan. This is what I concluded.

The space was a junction of five roads converging gently into a central island slightly raised in the center but the space where the 5 roads converged was actually a small bowl formation, 4 of the 5 roads were coming in from higher points. This was where the qi was collecting.

Behind was a building which formed an embrace as it sort of “hugged” the circle. Behind was higher land. Perfect !

The stall, BLOSSOM, (see the signage in the photograph) actually faced south east and the cash counter was in the east sector of the stall.

It is so simple sometimes so see why a particular establishment is successful. Good forms, good direction and ofcourse, a great menu, one cannot forget that !


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