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Huge Door Mountains

October 11, 2023 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

When you see something like this in the landforms you know it’s going to be a prosperous neighbourhood.

So what’s the good part? See the mountain in the distance? That is a Huge Door Mountain, and that classic shape denotes that you don’t really need to receive Qi from here to be benefitted, you ned to just be around to soak in the prosperity, sat on the mountain or visible to you is enough.

However, as in the case of this extremely expensive & prosperous hotel, the main entrance or Qi Mouth was in the SW, it had a pool in the North to coagulate the Qi from the ocean, and the whole building faced the East with the water of the ocean in the East, plus it was in a bay so the onslaught of the ocean, which can sometimes prove to be Sha Qi, was calmed down to an acceptable degree.

No doubt that the homes here are in the range of 15m and above, this is Laguna Beach, California.

No Solution but to Sell

October 11, 2023 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

It’s really disheartening when you walk into a fabulous home from any angle, travertine floor, his and hers walk in closet and a master bedroom the size of a football field, a kitchen to die for, plus plus plus other aspects not relevant to this post, and have to tell the client they can’t live there.

So what makes a property acceptable or unacceptable?

In this particular case, the usual requirements ticked off. Door in Indirect Spirit, pool in southwest, also Indirect Spirit , bedrooms in auspicious sectors, central palace clean all obstructions, all of that seemed okay from the GPS images the client had shared with me earlier.

In fact I had approved the purchase on the representation of the client & the data she sent me, (much of it inaccurate I have to say, which I discovered after I reached there)

Upon my actual visit to this property somewhere in USA:

What threw me, once I actually visited the property, was that there was a mountain on the South West sector and the main entrance door was on a death and emptiness line.

Not just the main door but the entire building and in this perfectly constructed structure; each and every door were on death and emptiness lines. Stove included.

It’s hard to rectify so much DE, but let is say we can actually get a carpenter in to tilt the doors by a couple of degrees, we still have to deal with the stove, and the main building alignment, which cannot be ignored.

But this was the deal breaker:

There is a mountain range that runs across NW, W and SW.

And that is the issue.

  1. The mountain in the SW is basically a problem because in Period 8 & 9, we do not like to see higher ground in the SW. SW In period 9 is Indirect Spirit. And any violation of that would affect the Kun Gua (oldest woman of the house)
  2. More so, the mountain formation was not good, quite menacing in fact. This was indicated further as being a problem because the lady of the house had a history of cancer.

The Solution I suggested:

So you cant stay there, but one cannot walk out, without doing anything so the client decides to sell the place. The client had anyway put it on the market, in case they got an exceptional offer, and in a vibrant market where most homes were selling fast and way above the asking, this property remained unsold.

I placed water using Xuan Kong Da Gua methods, while I was there, in order to sell the property fast, as it was not suitable to live in. A couple of weeks later it was still unsold so I suggested that they drain the water and I gave a new dates to re fill the water and was able to find a date that also included the clients clash (good for separation from your asset) and combination of month of clients BaZi with the day plus the clients Indirect Wealth just happened to be present in the year.

This worked and it was Sold in a week at asking.

I told them not to wait for a higher bid but to let it go.

Why? They asked and you may feel, that in a fast moving market, what was the hurry?

Well the DE line slows down everything so when at a disadvantage take what you get and asking price means it’s not a compromise.

The lesson here is sometimes one needs to understand the shortcomings of the matter and move accordingly.

Haunted ? Or not!

October 11, 2023 by Scheherazade Merchant | 0 comments

Long Story short, last night I got a message saying, they found a new house for the dad to move into, while the son would live in the family home. The puja seemed to have worked well, things were better now and the energy had lifted and improved. Apparently the priest said it was a hard job, and even getting rid of her personal effects was a challenge (don’t know the exact detail) Also during the puja, a water activation burst and flooded the house, making the dad really upset feeling that he was disturbing the soul who did not want to leave. He has settled down now.

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